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The Honig Company creates news and generates press for clients in broadcast, online, print and digital media outlets.

Understanding how the media works is an essential element of our ability to get clients meaningful media coverage. We have extensive experience generating publicity for products and services; companies, organizations and associations; celebrities, executives and other notable individuals; causes and nonprofit concerns; books, films, television and streaming content. We are highly skilled at positioning clients as newsworthy and increasing their appeal to the media. Our relationships with media outlets are extremely strong because we understand what they want, how they want it and when they want it.

The Honig Company helps clients deliver messages and manage communication with external audiences, stakeholders, customers and constituents. 

In addition to publicity and media relations, we provide a full range of public relations services, including corporate communication, message development, press conferences and media events, media training, press material writing and distribution, red carpet events, trade show visibility, strategic communication planning, speechwriting and social media engagement.

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The Honig Company manages the communication component of crises and litigation and works with clients to contain issues and mitigate problems.

One of our core competencies is helping clients through difficult times and managing potentially harmful situations. From corporate governance issues to celebrity divorces, we have successfully helped clients protect their reputations and businesses from damaging press coverage and public disdain. We provide sound counsel and tactical implementation including crisis communication, media relations, statement/key message writing, stakeholder communication, media monitoring, situation analysis and litigation media relations.

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