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“Steve Honig is the absolute best public relations person to work with. He's always honest, fair and attentive toward both the media and his clients. His passion and dedication for his work are truly enviable and it's a pleasure to work with him.”
     - Chelsea Hirsch, Page Six/New York Post

“I've worked with Steve for almost a decade and thus have been unable to keep track of all the times over the years Steve has dazzled me with his speed, efficiency and savviness. Steve tells it like it is, is admirably cool under pressure and manages to maintain a clever sense of humor and clear perspective even in the most chaotic or otherwise difficult situations.”
     - Brody Brown, Managing Editor, Us Weekly

"Steve has handled public relations for several of my companies and has consistently delivered value beyond what one usually expects from a public relations firm. His counsel has been extremely valuable, and he takes his work very personally which is exceedingly rare. Steve does what it takes to get results and really rolls up his sleeves to help clients succeed."

     - Tom Zito, entrepreneur

“I have had the pleasure of working with Steve Honig for years and cannot speak more highly about him as a publicist, and as a friend. Every time I work with Steve, he amazes me with his knowledge, good manners, expertise and class. You can really see that he truly cares about every single one of his clients and he always stays true to his core values and beliefs. He is genuine, honest, loyal and fair….the true qualities you look for in someone who represents you. Steve is one of the best in the biz.”
     - Jennifer Peros, Vice President Talent Relations and Publicity, Elite Models

"Honig has racked up enough crisis-management victories to fill up a bushel's worth of resumes.” 
     - E! News

"Steve is one of the best publicists in the business; when he calls an outlet, people pick up."

     - Hollywood Raw

"It was time to strengthen our corporate communication efforts, and The Honig Company brought us the right mix of entertainment industry and public relations experience to effectively take our message to the streets.”

     - David Borshell, CEO, Image Entertainment

"The man with the hardest job in Hollywood."

     - Wendy Williams

"Unexperienced PR reps often fall into the trap of working against the media. Steve Honig is not like that. He’s collaborative and communicative; always there for you when he can and frank with you if there’s ever an instance he can’t. This approach, which Steve has perfected unlike anyone I’ve ever met, ultimately makes for a better experience on both sides of the aisle. His clients love him and the media do too. There are never any surprises or shadiness; the truth is always clear and I trust Steve implicitly. Believe me when I say too, that is something all of my colleagues in the industry feel about Steve. In fact, what’s really remarkable about him is not just his wealth of contacts, but the fact that we all feel the same way about him. When his name comes up in any newsroom, he’s universally praised. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone else with that kind of a reputation."

     - Dave Quinn, People magazine

"Honig gave us great results and a very high level of service,

and did so for substantially less money than our previous

     - Jim Arnold, Director of Public Relations, Dolby

"Steve understands the media and how to give us what we

want while still looking out for his clients’ best interests. He

is well-informed, fair and brings us good stories.” 

     - Larry King

"I started working with Steve as my publicist and he's been

my right hand man for everything. He helps me like a manager,

a lawyer and even a bodyguard. But most importantly Steve has become family. There's nothing he'll stop at and I always know he has my back and will not rest until I have the best. All of that in a publicist.. THAT is representation!"

     - Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, "Shahs of Sunset"

"Hands down, Steve Honig is one of my favorite publicists to work with because he never wastes my time. I know that if I’m hearing from him it’s about something timely, newsy and utterly relevant to my coverage. And if I’m the one to reach out to Steve, he’s accessible, discreet and quick to inform. Most PR pros could take a lesson from Steve Honig, whose straightforward, no-nonsense approach is always appreciated." 

     - Beth Sobol, Senior Editor, E! News

"Steve and The Honig Company have become an extension of our team. They are able to translate our big picture needs into focused and value-generated actions through a hands-on, problem-solving and results-oriented approach."

     - Themis Gomes, CEO, Cennarium America, Inc. 

"Steve sure knows his way around the PR world! From the moment we engaged him, we were able to rely on Steve’s sound advice, high-level relationships and public relations savvy." 

     - Terry Sears, Executive Director, Tuesday's Children

"Steve is always there whenever I need him, and continually puts himself in the line of fire to protect his clients. He is absolutely relentless when it comes to dealing with the media.” 

     - Lindsay Lohan

"The Honig Company was critical at an important moment of momentum in promoting our documentary, "Be Prepared to Stop."  Steve guided us through the complicated landscape of promotion and was always there for any questions or concerns we had. I would recommend him in a heartbeat."
     - Jennifer Clymer, independent filmmaker

“Steve Honig always goes above and beyond what is necessary. Persistent, dedicated and professional, he has been a major asset to my companies.” 
     - Steven Saxton, CEO, Green Gorilla

"When no one understood what we were doing Steve did and made sure we got recognition. Because of his efforts, we were covered by the Associated Press, USA Today, Fortune and The New York Times Magazine, to name a few. Steve is smart, creative, honest and hard working.” 

     - Pamela Canales, Cofounder, Phoebeworks Productions

"Steve is always well-informed about current events, understands the political landscape in the U.S. and around the world and has extensive international capabilities. As a global provider of security services, it is critical we work with someone who has this knowledge and can stay on top of issues as they develop throughout the world.” 

     - Jamie Smith, President & CEO, SCG International

"I have had the opportunity to work with Steve Honig on a variety of projects – from live events to documentaries – and am always pleased not only with the great coverage and results he helps generate but also with his upbeat attitude and determination. Steve will always be my first call when I need help with publicity and media relations."
     - M.J. Miller, producer

"The Honig Company consistently gets our products on the pages

of national magazines, which has contributed greatly to our retail

sales and helped us build our customer base.” 
     - Brian Laliberte, President, Illuminations

"A brave person… (who can) hit the ground running.” 

     - Daily Mail

"Steve Honig is a real stand-up guy. I keep telling him to sit down

but he just won’t listen.”
     - Gilbert Gottfried


"The Honig Company brings to the table a level of intelligence

and strategic thinking as well as a creativity that is increasingly

     - Paulien Ruijssenaars, Director of Public Relations, Pinnacle Systems


"Steve Honig is a true class act, and an absolute professional to deal with. Steve’s honesty, integrity and dedication to his clients, while understanding the needs of the media, set him apart from his colleagues. It’s a privilege to work with him.”
     - Jen Heger, Senior Editor, Us Weekly

"Steve Honig and his staff took the time to fully understand our business, and then develop and implement the right communication strategies for each of our objectives. Their efforts have been a major factor in the overall growth of our company.”
     - Eric Schumacher, Director of Marketing, Avid Technology

"Steve Honig took our company from relative obscurity to being one of the most recognized names in our industry, to the point where we were getting more attention than other much larger companies.”
     - Paul Cha, Executive Vice President, Enroute Imaging

"The Honig Company used their extensive knowledge of the entertainment industry to help us successfully introduce our new technology to the top animation houses throughout North America.”
     - Sumito Okamoto, President, USA Index Corporation


"We decided to work with The Honig Company because of their expertise in consumer marketing as well as their passion for our products and everything Popcornopolis represents.”
     - Wally Arnold, Founder, Popcornopolis


"Steve Honig has the hardest job in the world.”
     - BlackBook Magazine

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